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It  was  a  different  time. . . 

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The Tacoma Dome  1985

Sound On Stage is a family owned, full-service live sound company that was established in 1973 by Jerry and Ann Pfeffer. It was Jerry’s curiosity of how a microphone cable worked that sparked the motivation to build his own speakers. Those speakers, along with other handcrafted gear like personalized analog consoles, have toured around the United States and ultimately established the company as a major competitor. In the early years, Jerry and the other engineers at Sound On Stage mixed for some of the most celebrated bands to come out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the decades, the company has been transformed from having the experience of using that homemade gear to utilizing some of the worlds leading sound systems and equipment. During that growth, Sound On Stage has been able to form trusted and long lasting relationships with bands, promoters and production companies.

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Sound On Stage est. 1973


The Chase Center   2019

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